About Us

SYXA Services, Inc.

We are recording and mastering engineers, system technicians, studio designers, songwriters, musicians, music producers, FOH and monitor sound engineers, programmers, sound designers, and technical consultants for sanctuary audio systems.

We provide instruction in the areas of studio and live sound recording.  We are the founders and owners of The Sanctuary Audio Workshop, which provides seminars for live sound reinforcement in churches.  We provide contract personnel for computer system programming, network installation, and system integration. We offer consultant services on the purchase and operations of various music-recording platforms (analog and digital).  We also build personal computers designed for music applications.

SYXA Management & Booking

It is under this sub-division that artist management and artist project management is offered.  If your desire is a career in the music business (as a performer or as technical support), we can assist you in making your desire a reality. We can manage your CD project from concept to completion.

MoeJo Recording Studios

This Baltimore based sub-division is housed in two locations.  MoeJo is a full service digital recording studio.  The format consists of 48 tracks of Alesis ADAT HD, MOTU’s Digital Performer, and ProTools HD. Our personnel have recorded platinum records and award-winning television shows in these facilities.

GOSIB-G Publishing

This sub-division is responsible for composing music to be recorded for the purpose of commercial Cds, television programs, feature films, and commercial jingles.